In Home Servicing

The technician at Touchstone Pianos rarely does just a tuning. The piano has so much more going on inside that needs to be monitored and adjusted as required. So while you may have booked a tuning, we will often also adjust the complex playing mechanism to keep it operating properly, check and adjust the voicing or tone, and of course, attend to the tuning as well. So aside from the correct pitch, the feel and overall sound of the piano is maintained at optimum levels, making the experience for the player more broadly appealing and enjoyable – all within the cost of a tuning. We will not carry out any major work on your piano without your prior approval.

If there is anything that cannot be dealt with within the normal appointment schedule, an in-home service may be suggested, which can take up to a full day on an upright, or 1-1/2 days to 2 days on a grand piano.

The aim of an in-home service is to have the piano play as well as is possible with maximum dynamics, tone colour and overall musical expression.

If a piano has not been serviced properly, or the wear and tear is at a point where a normal scheduled tuning and service are insufficient to return the piano to optimum playing, an in-home service is recommended. This covers over 25 processes in an upright, and over 30 processes in a grand piano – remember, a piano has 88 keys and many of these procedures applies to each key – hence the long time frames.

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Upright Piano In-Home Service: up to a full day 

Grand Piano In-Home Service: 1 – 2 full days