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Touchstone Pianos is an accredited Kawai dealer, and we sell new and second-hand pianos of all kinds, as well as the complete range of Kawai digital pianos. Please Make a Selection below to view.

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Touchstone Pianos proudly represent and sell Kawai pianos in the northeast Victoria region. We also frequently have carefully selected traded-in and second-hand pianos that we have prepared for re-sale. Our primary role in sales is to provide the piano best suited to the needs of the player, that represents good value for money, great re-sale value, and a long usable life. This is a critical difference between Touchstone Pianos and many other dealers. Our pianos are well prepared, backed up with warranty, and well above the standard of many other dealers. We care that the experience for you as the player is the best it can be.
“Mark Bolsius, the owner, is a skilled piano technician, professional performer, and former piano teacher. Alastair McLean, Sales Manager, has been working in this business for seven years, and is also a professional musician. This is a fantastic combination of skills aimed at ensuring you make the best choice for your needs.” – Trevor Green
Honesty and real-world descriptions Each piano listed for sale on our website and in-store is supported by an accurate description of the instrument, and a description of to whom the piano is best suited. We will not recommend a piano that is not capable of supporting high skill levels. We firmly believe that a piano must be better than you are! As a player develops their technique and learns new skills, the piano must respond. There is nothing more frustrating than practicing on an instrument that will not respond to your skills; it has caused many students to stop lessons because they blame themselves, when so often it is the piano that is the culprit. When you browse our listing, be sure to check that the piano is at least as good as, or better, than you.